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Our employee recruitment and
job placement services

At Global Ressources Humaines, we maintain a digital database of more than 70,000 qualified candidates in order to respond as adequately as possible to our clients’ workforce needs. We have the expertise and connections to find competent employees for a variety of positions.

We help employers in different sectors optimize their recruitment

Transport and logistics

Administration and accounting

Handling and distribution

Management and leadership

Our employee recruitment service

This external process has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of hiring staff and save you valuable time. You can then devote your efforts and energies to the development of your company’s core business. In addition, by choosing our recruitment service, you have access to our digital candidate database, our contact network and our expertise in the field.

We find you candidates with profiles that really match what you are looking for

When you entrust us with a recruitment contract, we work with you to develop a description of the position to be filled as well as the profile of the candidates sought. We then work with you to determine recruitment schedules, selection criteria and define the working conditions of the employees you wish to hire.

We also establish a recruitment media plan, analyze resumes, check references from previous employers and check candidates’ criminal histories.

This is followed by the selection process, analysis and planning of interviews with candidates at our offices and planning the meeting schedules with you for candidates who meet the criteria of the position to be filled.

Upon request, we offer a specialized medical and psychometric assessment service for referred candidates.

A guaranteed staff recruitment service

Our service is guaranteed. This coverage provides for the prompt and cost-free replacement of the employee in the event of voluntary departure or justified dismissal.

Our temporary indeterminate job placement service

This service allows you to adjust your staffing needs according to your peak periods, business cycles or labour shortages. This service also allows you to deal with absenteeism, work accidents, sick leave and vacation replacement for your staff. In providing you with this staff management service, we act as the employer of the employees assigned to your company and we are committed to selecting, training, managing, supervising and coordinating them so that they can effectively carry out their tasks. With the help of our professional managers, our selection criteria and our practical and theoretical evaluations specific to each sector of activity we serve, we can meet your needs with qualified and available employees.

A job placement service that includes contributions and deductions

This service provides for a fee structure that includes all government expenses attributable to an employer that must be respected, including CSST contributions, deductions at source, mandatory training expenses (Bill 90), employment insurance premiums, parental insurance plan, QPP, etc. Our service also includes group insurance and group RRSP programs for all our employees.

Do our employees do a good job? Hire them!

We also offer a temporary job placement service that can be turned into a permanent placement, offering the client the opportunity to hire our employees after a certain number of hours worked within their company.

Our proven recruitment process

Central to the strength of our recruitment and job placement service are the high standards of our eight-step recruitment process. The primary goal is to understand the specific needs of the client and then select the perfect candidate for the position to be filled. 

We plan a meeting with our client to get to know their company and the nature of their needs;
We visit the client’s facilities to understand and explain the working environment to potential candidates;
We carry out an analysis of the position to be filled and define the client’s expectations regarding the profile of the desired candidate;
We determine the appropriate recruitment strategy for the position to be filled (posting, media plan, poaching);
We carefully analyze a large number of applications in order to precisely target the ideal candidate for the position to be filled;
We conduct selection interviews and psychometric tests if necessary;
We check the references obtained and the criminal record for all successful candidates;
We assist the client in the process of negotiating employment conditions and drafting the employment contract, if necessary.

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