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Our HR outsourcing services

We can take charge of all or some of the activities of your company’s human resources department. You gain access to the in-depth expertise of a team of human resources management experts who can travel to your facilities at a frequency that can vary according to the size and challenges of the organization.

Let us manage various issues linked to the management of your company's human resources

Compliance with
HR practices

Employee recruitment
and integration

Labour law and
labour relations

Occupational health and safety

Mediation in case
of conflict

Employee records

Why choose our HR outsourcing services?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your human resources department:

  • Relieve the legal responsibility for human resources management;
  • Direct access to specialists for each of the human resources department’s activities (recruitment, work schedules, etc.);
  • Devote more of your resources and energies to monitoring operations in your own area of expertise and business;
  • Eliminate the administrative work done by your key staff;
  • Demand results at a better cost;
  • Save on salaries and social security contributions;
  • Enjoy the flexibility to access specialized expertise when needed at a fraction of the cost;
  • Be able to afford all human resources services comparable to large organizations.

Why do our outsourcing services perfectly meet the needs of companies?

When you decide to delegate all or part of your human resources management to our team, we don’t just become your service provider, but rather a business partner committed to your company’s health and growth.

We take the time to identify your real needs, expectations and objectives in order to define a tailor-made solution, 100% adapted to the structure of your organization. Naturally, it will respect your budget and even save you time and money.

Questions about our HR outsourcing services?