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Our custom HR management services

At Global Ressources Humaines, we improve our clients’ productivity, efficiency and competitiveness by optimizing their human resources management. Our consulting services are designed and customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of our clients

Discover the HR management services
we offer to employers

Our team’s versatility enables us to offer a range of services.

Our consulting services for managers cover all activities related to the daily and operational management of human resources. We can help you deal with issues related to various areas including recruitment, labour standards, collective agreements, discipline and benefits.

  • Support for work team management;
  • Management of challenging situations;
  • Legal and managerial advice.

The use of practical tools such as human resources procedures and policies improves work organization and promotes good staff management practices. In addition, these tools can help you comply with ethical and legal requirements.

  • Development of corporate policies and procedures;
  • Performance evaluation;
  • Employee manual;
  • Reception procedure and manual;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Labour Relations Committee;
  • Salary scales.

The management of the legal norms governing the relationship between an employer and an employee is carried out through the training, execution and termination of the employment contract. We are involved in both unionized and non-union labour relations matters.

  • Negotiation of collective agreements;
  • Grievance adjudication;
  • Mediation of labour disputes;
  • Review and drafting of employment contracts;
  • Investigation and analysis related to organizational problems (e.g., psychological harassment, absenteeism, turnover rates);
  • Representation before administrative labour tribunals

Our CNESST file management services cover both the financial and claims management aspects. We offer operational and representation support for all aspects of work attendance, whether for absences related to work accidents or those related to personal conditions. We work in particular on the following specific issues:

  • Calculation of the personalized rate;
  • Retrospective plan;
  • Expertise in the recovery and improvement of the CNESST file;
  • Management of CNESST claims (admissibility and medical and administrative follow-up);
  • Preparation of dispute files (administrative review and Commission des lésions professionnelles);
  • Representation and advice;
  • Absence management (medical assessment and temporary assignment);
  • Training on the management of CNESST claims files.

The members of the Global Ressources Humaines team have served as teachers, lecturers and trainers in several areas of human resources management. We have the ability to design and implement custom training sessions designed to develop the skills of our clients’ managers. The topics of our training courses include:

  • Management and executive rights;
  • Absenteeism and disability management;
  • Conflict management;
  • Discipline management;
  • Management of CNESST claims files (eligibility, investigation and analysis, disputes, etc.);
  • Psychological harassment (complaint management and resolution process);
  • Duty to accommodate (religion, disability, etc.);
  • Alcohol and drugs (disciplinary management vs. administrative management);
  • Individual coaching and development plan;
  • Team coaching.

Our organizational development services aim to implement training strategies and tools that optimize the culture and behaviours of the client’s corporate employees. Our interventions include the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of strategic orientations (vision, mission and organizational values);
  • Organizational diagnosis and problem solving;
  • Organizational restructuring;
  • Mobilization in change;
  • Analysis of the work climate and satisfaction surveys;
  • Team building.

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