Recruitment and Placement

We maintain an up-to-date database of more than 50,000 competent candidates in order to respond as effectively as possible to our clients’ workforce needs. Whether for industrial support, skilled trades, administrative support, accounting & finance, customer service, marketing, sales or information technology resources, we are able to provide you with qualified and available personnel.


Personnel recruitment

Our external process saves you significant costs in hiring, and saves you precious time by allowing you to concentrate your efforts and energies on your company’s business development. Furthermore, you have access to our database of candidates, our network of contacts and our expertise in personnel recruitment.

When you entrust us with a recruitment mandate we work together to establish the job description and the profile of the ideal candidate. We then establish a recruitment timeline, as well as, the selection criteria, and define the working conditions for the employees you wish to hire. We also establish a recruitment media plan, analyze CVs, verify professional references and background verifications. Then comes the selection process, analysis and planning of candidate interviews at our premises, and lastly planning a meeting with you for candidates who fulfill the criteria for the position to be filled.

Our service is guaranteed. In the event of a voluntary departure or justifiable dismissal, we replace the employee within the shortest possible time and at no extra cost to the client.
Upon request, we can provide a specialized medical and/or psychometric evaluation for referred candidates.


Temporary personnel placement for indeterminate periods

This service enables you to adapt your personnel needs to your peak periods, according to business fluctuations or labour shortages. This service also enables you to deal with absenteeism, workplace accidents, sick leaves and vacations.

By offering this service, we are the employer of the employees assigned to your company and we engage in this process to select, train, manage, supervise and coordinate our employees to effectively perform the tasks for which we are mandated. Thanks to our professional managers, our selection criteria and our practical and theoretical assessments for each of the sectors for which we offer our services, we can accommodate your needs with qualified and available staff.

Pricing of this service includes all government charges to an employer, including CSST contributions, deductions at source, mandatory training expenses (Bill 90), employment insurance premiums, the parental insurance plan, RRQ and others. We also provide group insurance and group RRSP programs for all our employees.

As well, we also offer a temporary placement service that can transform into permanent placement, offering the client the opportunity to hire our employees after a certain number of hours worked within their business.


Recruitment process

  • i) We meet with our client to ensure we fully understand the business and the nature of the requirements,
  • ii) We visit the client’s premises to understand the working environment and explain it to potential candidates,
  • iii) We analyze the position to be filled and determine the client’s expectations concerning the profile of the desired candidate,
  • iv) We determine a recruitment strategy specific to the position to be filled (postings, media plan, head hunting),
  • v) We meticulously analyze a large number of candidates in order to precisely target the ideal candidate for the position to be filled,
  • vi) We conduct selection interviews and, if required, psychometric tests,
  • vii) We verify references supplied and legal records for all candidates under consideration,
  • viii) We assist the client in the process of negotiating working conditions and (if required) of writing the terms and conditions of the employment contract.