Outsourcing the client’s human resources department

We can undertake all of or part of the activities of the HR function. This gives the client access to the extensive expertise of a team of human resources experts who visit the client’s premises at a frequency that varies, depending on the company’s size and its concerns. The advantages to the client of outsourcing their human resources department are numerous:

  • Freedom from the legal responsibility for HR management,
  • Direct access to specialists for each HR department activity,
  • More of your resources and energies dedicated to supervising operations in your company’s core expertise,
  • Elimination of administrative tasks required to be performed by your key personnel,
  • Achievement of results at lower cost,
  • Savings on salaries and social benefits,
  • Flexible access to specialized skills when needed and at a fraction of the cost,
  • An ensemble of human resources services comparable to those of large organizations.