Custom-tailored human resources management services that respond to our clients’ specific and occasional needs

We help improve our clients’ productivity, efficiency and competitiveness by optimizing the management of their human resources. Our consulting services are adapted and customized to respond to our clients’ specific needs and problems.


Strategic support for management

Our consulting services for management cover all activities in the day-to-day and operational management of human resources, including labour standards, collective agreements, discipline and benefits.

  • Guidance in management of work teams,
  • Management of difficult situations,
  • Management and legal consulting.


Development of management and communication tools

The use of practical tools such as human resources procedures and policies improves the organization of work and improves personnel management practices in conformance with ethical and legal requirements.

  • Development of business policies and procedures,
  • Performance evaluation,
  • Employee manual,
  • Entry procedure and manual,
  • Task descriptions,
  • Labour relations committee,
  • Pay scales.


Labour law and labour relations

Management of the legal requirements governing the relationship between an employer and an employee extends across the creation, the execution and the termination of an employment contract. We handle all issues involving labour relations in both unionized and non-unionized environments.

  • Negotiation of collective agreements,
  • Grievance arbitration,
  • Mediation of workplace conflicts,
  • Preparation and revision of employment contracts,
  • Investigation and analysis of organizational problems (e.g. psychological harassment, absenteeism, employee turnover),
  • Representation at administrative tribunals (e.g. Commission des relations de travail, Commission des lésions professionnelles, Commission des droits de la personne, etc.).


Workplace health and safety

The Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST) is a government organization entirely and exclusively financed by the contributions of Quebec employers. The rate structure is complex, and the annual contributions of Quebec employers is determined by several factors, notably the costs of claims, the insurance limit chosen and progressive load factors. For every dollar the CSST disburses in indemnities to a worker, it adds on a multiplier factor as well as certain fixed charges which it subsequently bills to the worker’s employer.

Our management services for CSST files include both the financial aspects and claims management. We offer operational support and representation for all workplace presence issues, whether for absences due to workplace accidents or those due to personal situations. We are particularly involved in the specific areas listed below:

  • Customized rate calculation,
  • Retroactive plans,
  • Expertise in remediation and improvement of CSST files,
  • Management of CSST claims (admissibility, medical and administrative follow-up),
  • Preparation of contestation files (administrative review and Commission des lésions professionnelles),
  • Representation and advice,
  • Management of absenteeism (medical evaluation and temporary replacement),
  • Training in management of CSST claim files.


Management training

The members of the Global Human Resources team have acted as professors, speakers and trainers in many areas affecting human resources management. We can develop and implement customized skills-development training sessions for our clients’ managers. In particular, our training programs include:

  • Management and directors law,
  • Management of absenteeism and disability,
  • Conflict management,
  • Management of discipline,
  • Management of CSST claims (admissibility, investigation and analysis, contestation, etc.),
  • Psychological harassment (complaint management and resolution),
  • Accommodation obligations (religion, handicap, etc.),
  • Alcohol and drugs (disciplinary management vs. administrative management),
  • Individual coaching and development plans,
  • Team coaching.


Organizational development

Our organizational development services are designed to implement training strategies and tools that optimize the client company’s culture and the behaviour of its personnel. In particular, our contributions include the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of strategic orientations (vision, mission and organizational values),
  • Organizational diagnosis and problem resolution,
  • Organizational restructuring,
  • Mobilizing for change,
  • Analysis of the work climate and satisfaction surveys,
  • Team consolidation.